Human beings are biologically programmed to seek pleasure and avoid fear and pain. Eating, drinking, sleeping and fucking bring us pleasure because those activities ensure the survival of the species. It’s not necessary to pathologize my every move simply because I am an alcoholic. Just because I have been addicted to alcohol, it doesn’t mean my life after alcohol is necessarily just an empty series of dire cravings and desperate injections of pleasure. When I pat your dog, I am not chasing “dog patter’s high,” I am just patting the dog. One of the best parts of the 12-step get sober without aa program was that I felt welcomed into a community of people like me. I met people who knew the devastation of hardcore drinking, as well as the joys of living alcohol-free. I may not go to meetings anymore, but I still keep in touch with these kinds of people. For many people with a substance use disorder, it’s simply a matter of never having learned the appropriate way to manage anger. Talk to your therapist, other healthcare provider, or sponsor about how to deal with your anger in ways that won’t cause you to harm yourself or others or turn to alcohol or drugs.

Religious experiences and other self-help groups can also boast of providing substance to sobriety. Many alcoholics will become involved in church or civic activities to help them stay sober. I am so glad I found this thread and have spent a bit of time reading through all the comments, all of which I can relate to. ‘Identify’ is not a word I want to use anymore after 11 years being in and around AA meetings and people.


I am kicking around the idea of going since leaving 8 years ago i found myself struggling with drinking too much on the weekends or wanting to. You will grow into a “parrot talking robot” without any confidence that you will be able to live without AA. It’s sad and pathetic the lies that are covered about the “Truth” of Bill W. But today I just feel like it wants to keep me mad/insane. Unless a person is certified or licensed all they can do is identify they have aubstance abuse issues. There are new treatment models that address today’s Addicrion needs. There are other ways, but AA have made it clear… we give you 1 week and you will be drinking. Also, how do I stop thinking about alcohol when its in my make up and its all they talk about? I wake up thinking about AA and go to bed thinking about it.
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Like-minded peer support online was indespensible. Its hard to find a balanced view of AA out there, but I found online blogs from others in a similar situation to be very useful. RecoveringFromRecovery is a great example of this. Im not leaving AA and doing it alone, Im going to smart recovery for a couple of meetings a week then also working with a counselor 1 time per week. Going to meetings and hearing people talk about their powerlessness over EVERYTHING and been reminded im living with an get sober without aa illness thats incurable is deflating. I’ve been to AA before and although it is extremely helpful I have to concede that it can get overwhelming at times. There was a time when I wondered if the addiction I was overcoming would make me a permanent AA person. But then I took a decision and attended fewer and fewer sessions until I was sure and confident I didn’t need the support of AA anymore. That was my journey towards complete abstinence. All you need is a bit of self confidence and control.

Secular Organization for Sobriety (SOS)

I hate to say it but AA in it’s original form now ignores its own teachings and had grown weak. Most other members I encounter seem to more scared of drinking than actually moving on with living. When you have substance abuse problems, your life revolves around alcohol or drug abuse. This means that you find yourself with a lot of free time when you decide to live a sober life. Developing new healthy habits can help you manage stress and distract you from negative feelings. This could be joining a new club, starting a new hobby, or engaging in recreational activities. Tempest is an integrated, evidence-based digital recovery program for anyone who wants to stop drinking and feel better.

Write your blog posts, eat your cake, and put yourself on the pedestal for a while. The people who cannot understand your moments of pride in sobriety aren’t the ones you need around you anyways. I assure you that if you surround yourself with other sober people, they will understand why you feel proud of what you’ve accomplished and celebrate with you. The program only works for some people, and refusing to change dismisses the larger group of people it doesn’t work for in its current form. If the core of AA is meant to help people get and stay sober, it would adapt to a modern world and/or just stop denying that it is a program of God written by two sexist men that died ages ago. The fundamental belief of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is that we shouldn’t drink alcohol 100% of the time, works. I also think that, if possible, it is a great idea to make amends with the people and things that make you feel regret. When you walk through the doors of an AA meeting, the warm welcome everyone receives is because of this common bond. Even though you do not have to join any group or pay any dues, the common struggle of like-minded alcoholics is priceless.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs)

Addiction treatment is an ongoing, lifelong process. Relapse of any chronic diseases, like asthma and diabetes, can and do occur throughout a person’s lifetime. Very simply, if you recognize that the problems in your life are alcohol/drug related, you need to take personal responsibility to have the life that you desire. By AA’s own data, the one-year recidivism rate for the “program” is 95%. That is, after one year, 95% of folks who came into AA’s front door are back drinking. The success rate for non-attendees is better than AA’s. Yes, we can share in their joy and be proud of their path, but remember that there is noonly wayto do this. Every single path to recovery, even those that require the assistance of others, is deeply personal. I know these things are true because I have sat in rooms around the world and listened, for hundreds of hours, to the experiences others have had with alcohol. I’ve seen what it does to their bodies, families, and livelihoods.
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Finding a sober community is essential to feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie in your shared struggles to overcome addiction. Continue to grow and nurture important relationships. Join a support group, and as you get more experience, look for ways to help others. You can become a mentor or a sponsor to those in early recovery. Kelly said the peer-led basis of AA is what makes the program so effective and has the potential to save health care providers $10 billion a year in alcohol-related incidents. Maybe you should consider replacing that old booze fix with something positive. So many of your actions speak of a very unhappy person. Knitting, painting, reading, gardening, helping others are just a few suggestions to keep oneself calm and focused.

You might get bored when you no longer work towards the next step. Be honest with yourself about what you need to stay sober. The study is important because it dispels misinformation about the program, said lead author Dr. John Kelly, a professor of psychiatry and addiction medicine at Harvard Medical School. It is not atypical to see AA members with 25+years of sobriety unable to hold onto a job or a stable family situation. This being said; would it be unfair to say that the public humiliation that came their way was NOT an intervention in itself? Public humiliation is a consequence of addiction.

While we try hard to keep our information updated and accurate, should you feel that any of the content presented on our website is incorrect, problematic or out-of-date, please contact us at . Had I not been halfway around the world, in a different time zone and with spotty internet access, I definitely would have checked in with program friends. Hell, you might say I’m checking in right now. I definitely don’t want to be one of those people.

However, other definitions of sober take into consideration relapses. They focus on the recovery journey and the development of coping skills and habits that enable long-term health and wellness. Sober Home In early recovery, you may be worrying about how you will have fun and enjoy yourself without drugs or alcohol in your life. Sober life allows you to focus on fulfilling activities and pursuits.

I had tried the program in 2009, but hadn’t connected with it. I didn’t stay sober for long that first time—not because of AA, but because I wasn’t ready. I hadn’t taken the time to think about what might work best for me. Congratulate someone on their sobriety by expressing your support.

  • If I do end up drinking and it gets bad, I hope nothing happens to me or anybody else, and I would have another chance at AA.
  • Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery are open to anyone with a substance abuse problem.
  • There came a time when my life fell completely apart despite my best efforts to resolve my difficulties.
  • Kept me from my full potential as a person by telling me I am an addict.

Whether you’re trying to quit drinking or you’re already sober, Tempest combines a personalized approach to recovery with membership and one-on-one support to help you make a lasting change. Most addiction treatment centers recommend at least 90 days of sober living before returning home. Many people need more time to get the skills they need to continue sober life outside of a sober living program. Those who are more comfortable with a secular approach to addiction recovery may find the philosophy of SOS to be more helpful to them than 12-step programs. SOS has been helping people recover from addictive behavior toward drugs, alcohol and food for over 30 years. It always amazes me to read leaving aa experiences because when you are “in the rooms” no one wants to hear it when you have a grievance so you feel like an outsider. It’s almost a set-up for more rejection (again!) and no alcoholic needs that!
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If you experience these situations, there are other ways to stay sober without AA. If you want to know how to stay sober without AA after a non-12 step rehab, keep reading. Just as alcoholism existed before AA, alcoholics have stopped drinking before AA existed. There are treatment options available for drug and alcohol relapse. Seek out an inpatient or outpatient rehab treatment facility, an experienced professional, or addiction support groups to start.
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