Even seasoned traders consult with other successful traders to get fresh ideas and learn ways to make their trading more profitable. Patrick Wieland, the channel’s owner shares his own journey on the stock markets and provides some out of the box knowledge to break out from the usual norms of trading. Stock investment insights & stock trading strategies by Devesh K Sinha, B.E known lovingly as DK explains viewers profitable trading and investment opportunities in today’s stock markets. Sven Carlin is an accomplished investor who even has a Ph.D. that saw him create a real value risk model for emerging market stocks – it’s safe to say he knows how to do his research at the very least. His videos range from individual stock analysis to wider market commentary, and everything in between.

Who are the best stock pickers on YouTube?

  1. Graham Stephan Is Young & Very Rich. Platforms: YouTube, Twitter.
  2. Jonah Lupton Stock Research Is A+ Platforms: Twitter, JonahLupton.com.
  3. Meet Kevin Is Insanely Wealthy, And Still Humble. Platforms: YouTube, Twitter.
  4. Leif Soreide Is A Champion Trader.
  5. Sven Carlin, Ph.

You can get daily highlights and updates on this YouTube channel. Here you can easily solve complex issues like Balance Sheets and Technical Analysis. Apart from this, you can know how to find and invest in fundamental stocks. With the number of online xtb review stockbrokers offering commission free stock trading, figuring out which broker is preferable for you might take a little research. Also, once you know what you need in a stockbroker, you can make a better decision about which broker will suit you best.

Warrior Trading

Her forte is technical analysis mainly moving averages and candles. In her team she has qualified CA’s well known stock brokers & research analysts for giving you best research in stock market. There is a huge variety of videos here, covering all possible topics around money.

Mukul Malik runs a youtube channel called “Asset Yogi”, where he shares videos about the stock market investment, real state investment, personal finance, and many more things related to money. Asset Yogi youtube channel is one of the good youtube channels to learn Indian stock market. Nitin Bhatia is one of the best YouTuber and uploads videos on youtube about stock market trading, intraday trading & investing. If you want to learn stock market intraday, F&O trading, and investing then you can watch his videos. Nitin Bhatia’s youtube channel is one of the great youtube channels to learn Indian stock market.

Investors Underground

With the advent of YouTube, those who are seeking educational videos have more choice than ever. And forex traders, both beginners and experienced, have within their grasp a whole world of content to learn from, and it includes forex trading Youtube channels. Varun Malhotra runs a YouTube channel, where he shares videos about stock market investment, mutual funds, and many more things about the stock market. Butimnotrader, one of the smaller investing YouTube channels, is run by a swing trader named Tony. On it, he provides trading advice and has a very good track record of success.

He also uploads videos on the best stocks to look at as well as other investing apps that traders should know about. He talks about his experiences while trading which has help him amass a large fortune, which helps you learn more about how the market works and what kind of decisions to make while trading. His content is both entertaining and educational which makes the channel popular with all kinds of traders.

#4: The Financial Diet

You may watch videos on the basics of the stock market, human psychology, Sunil Miglani’s Q&A, etc. on his channel. If you do not come from a financial, commercial, or business background or if you do not come from a family of stock market lovers. Additionally, if you are still studying, it might be challenging to master everything on your own. However, if you are new to the world of investing, you might not be familiar with the top YouTube channels to learn about the Indian stock market. After all, there are a huge number of stock-related YouTube channels. The 10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Indian Stock Market will be discussed in this post.

He is well-known for his broad expertise in financial education, personal mastery, sales, marketing, human psychology, and business development. Expert in the psychological elements of the stock market, Sunil Minglani https://forex-world.net/ has a wealth of expertise examining stock chart patterns that he has closely correlated with human psychology patterns. On his channel, he has posted more than 270 videos and has more than 1M followers.

stock market youtube channels

The goal is to simplify and make investment transparent in India. They provide information on stocks, mutual funds, and anything else relevant to investing on the channel. Groww strongly believes that viewers should conduct their own research before making an investment and does not offer advice on specific stocks. It is an instructional channel where they discuss different investing principles. They include films on money management, trading stocks, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and more. Additionally, “Meet market rockstars” is one of the most watched parts on their YouTube channel.

Financial Influencers Taking Over YouTube

Although he is not a financial advisor, Dunn ensures that his videos are entertaining and informative, helping you grow your income and wealth. This channel is perfect if you are looking to find videos on learning crucial skills to help you thrive in the market. MarketGauge provides day trading and swing trading strategies, coaching, and software for traders of all skill levels.

MKTPlace is a leading digital and social media platform for traders and investors. MKTPlace offers premiere resources for trading and investing education, digital resources for personal finance, news about IoT, AI, Blockchain, Business, market analysis and education resources and guides. We have selected YouTube channels on the basis that you learn the basics to advance of Indian stock market. This Youtube channel list we provided here too you is based on our experience, popularity of the channel, engagement on videos, and user review. There are many other youtube channels who share good knowledge about the stock market.

Tasty Trades (10/

With the rise of social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, along with streaming platforms like Twitch and Facebook Live, it’s never been easier to record yourself and build a following. One downside to this, however, is that it becomes harder and harder to discern the quality content from the chaff. This Youtube channel is exclusively dedicated to beginners and covers all the basics that someone starting out in the stock market needs. Zack Investments is a well-known company in the stock market area and its Youtube channel is phenomenal. With 5 videos every week, you can easily track the largest events in the stock market.

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His content focuses on stock market predictions, Nifty analysis, daily updates, and brand-specific exchange on IPOs, fundings, and scope of profits. Robert has often great investing ideas he shares on his channel, and you can also follow his portfolio on eToro. – in collaboration with some of the best YouTube channels for the Indian stock market. In India, we work with 4 out of the top 5 discount brokers, leading insurance firms, global consumer banks, cryptocurrency platforms and many other financial investment brands. Organized posts cover the expanse of taxation, auditing, and strategic management. Their videos also cover the purview of education, employment, and workshops with a strong focus on engagement and collaboration.

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