No one thinks a hot car tragedy can happen to them or their family. Most cases occur when a child is mistakenly left or gets into a vehicle unattended and becomes trapped.

On average, hot-car deaths claim the lives of 37 children every year from heatstroke after being left in a vehicle. Texas currently leads the nation in hot-car child deaths with five children dying in hot cars in 2018 alone. Since 1990, more than 900 children have died in hot cars, including 128 in Texas, according to national statistics. All of these deaths could have been prevented.

Null’s research (San Jose State University), shows that on a 70-degree day, the temperature inside can reach 89 degrees within five minutes. Within an hour temperatures inside cars can reach dangerous levels of children and pets, 113 degrees (according to the It’s even worse on 90-degree days. Within five minutes, the temperature can reach 100 degrees; in an hour, it can reach 133 degrees.

Children have difficultly escaping a hot car on their own, and their respiratory and circulatory systems can’t handle heat as well as those of adults. The body’s natural cooling methods, such as sweating, begin to shut down once the body’s core temperature reaches around 104 degrees. Death can occur at 107 degrees (according to the

In Texas, the law says that intentionally or knowingly leaving a child under the age of 7 in a car for longer that five minutes without another person present who is at least 14-years-old is a class c misdemeanor.

Follow the next safety tips to make sure your child cannot get into a parked car or mistakenly left in a vehicle unattended :

1. Never leave your child in the car for any reason

2. Teach children to honk the horn if they become stuck inside a car

3. Look before you leave: if you have a child, get into the routine of always checking the back seats of your vehicle before you lock it and walk away

4. Put something you will need (keys, phone) in the back seat, with your child

5. Tell your child care provider to call you if your child doesn’t arrive as scheduled

6. Keep vehicles locked at all times, especially in the garage or driveway

7. Never leave car keys within reach of children. Never give your children the keys to play with in the car

8. If a child is missing, immediately check very carefully the pool area, then your car and the trunk!

What to do if my child is locked in the car?

1. CALL 9-1-1. Police and fire personnel will be sent out to your location IMMEDIATELY

2. Call the nearest Emergency Locksmith Service. Let the dispatcher know that your child is trapped into the car. I-Tech Locksmith and Security can unlock your car immediately once our Emergency Mobile Locksmith arrives. Save I-Tech Locksmith and Security number in your phone

3. Stay calm

4. Try to break a window just above the door lock.

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