And you know, links to your page are valuable for your SEO! You want to make sure you benefit from these links, even though the page doesn’t exist anymore. At the end of the day, good website navigation is all about finding that middle ground between what users expect from a website and the goals of a business.

Describe what can be seen on the image in the alternative text. Structured data includes tags, JSON code, and rich data which was created for and understood by search engines. Using structured data has been recommended by Google since 2014. It can drastically improve website visibility with some sites reporting as much as 400 percent increase in rich result organic traffic. Similarly, for mobile websites, a hamburger menu can address navigational issues on a small screen.

website structure

Thus, try to plan at least base blog categories and pages that can be split into additional sections as your website grows. Your website should follow the format, design, and displays designed to operate on every page you create. Keeping a consistent pattern will keep the users on your site as they learn the navigation path in your website much easier. Website structure impacts your UX and SEO, which means it’s crucial for getting traffic and your overall online success. With a lot of planning and thoughtful organization, you can create a website structure that enhances SEO and boosts your rankings.

Sidebar Navigation

Get a complete picture of your internal anchor text, most linked to pages and more… Pages are static areas that are usually used for content that isn’t going to be updated often, like “About Us”, “Contact Us”, or even services. However, if there are a lot of services, some like to create and tuck child pages under a parent main menu item. For example, services could be the parent main menu item with landscaping, pool maintenance, and leaf collection child pages underneath the services parent menu item. When laying out your website, it’s important to first understand the WordPress site elements you have at your disposal. Understanding the elements you can use to layout your site structure will help you determine the foundation for your growing website.

  • A screen reader is software that reads onscreen text aloud.
  • Alternatively, you can create an email automation workflow that sends an auto-reply message explaining the longer response time.
  • And very often, finding that middle ground is about sticking to conventions and getting inputs from real-world users.
  • While they’re often overlooked, footers can be a great place to share easy links to crucial information without compromising on the aesthetics of a website.
  • Taxonomies, like categories and tags, but also internal links, your navigation and breadcrumbs are the tools to structure your site.
  • In that case, the visitor will leave your website for a faster website; where users find the information they want quickly with greater website architecture.

The header navigation menu, or main navigation menu, is the familiar navigation tool most users expect to see once they land on your website. It usually grants access to the most popular content on your website, if not all of your content, and gives visitors a snapshot of what they can find on your website. Below, we explore how you can utilize this area for organizing main pages/ blog categories, child pages/ blog subcategories, and tertiary pages/ blog subcategories.

How To Plan A Website Structure

There are things you would like to keep in mind while creating a website. In this section, you will be able to understand the fundamentally necessary steps of website architecture with recommendations. These recommendations will help you improve your website’s general structure. Sequential model type structures lead users through a sequence. This is the greatest opportunity to learn how your visitors navigate through competitor sites.

website structure

Users will invest more time on your website and keep flipping between the different pages, which are both substantial indicators that your website has quality content. A sound site architecture reinforces your site’s user experience. An intuitive website allows users to easily discover the information they came searching for.

Developers write HTML in a way that permits consistent content structure across the entire web. This reduces cognitive work for users and makes different sites display reliably across browsers, screen readers, and search engines. The second reason why site structure is essential for Google is because, without a decent structure, you’ll be competing with yourself for a high ranking in the search engines. You probably have blog posts or articles on your site that are on the same topic. We have multiple posts about site structure, each covering a different aspect.

Why Is Site Structure Important For Google

This topic has been debated endlessly in the SEO community. A safe number to aim for is three to five links per 1,000 words to get started. A big advantage from a database structure is that it can be personalized to meet your needs. It can also be built over time since it is bottom-up so you don’t need to worry about making it perfect right away.

website structure

Visitors can easily pick their objective and learn about features (MailerLite’s website builder). When you feel lost in menu items, it helps to draw a tree-like structure. Jot down all your pages, then see how they relate and can be best categorized. Great website functionality goes beyond modern web design best practices. While aesthetics matter, things like strategic CTAs, images that tell a story and carefully-curated navbars are just as important. If your goal is to boost sign-ups, you want to focus the content on how your product or service benefits the reader.

Please keep it simple, reachable, and straight to the point. So, this article will look at the types of site structures. It will step-by-step investigate the development recommendations of great website architecture.

Site Structure Is Important For Ux

The best structure is the one that works for you and your audience’s needs. Whether you choose hierarchical, sequential, database, or matrix, make sure to keep user experience, SEO, and market research in mind. Breadcrumbs make it a lot easier for users to navigate back to higher-level category pages or even your homepage in just a few clicks. This structure should mainly be considered when a website has a narrow focus as broad topics might be overwhelming for users. For example, this would make sense as a training database for company systems or fan-based websites for popular TV shows. Hierarchical structures are great for websites with large amounts of data like e-commerce.

Once you have identified the strengths and weaknesses, you can make improvements so your website delivers a much better experience. A heading hierarchy helps you organize on-page content using different heading elements (e.g., H1, H2, H3, H4). These elements are fairly simple to implement and easy to organize while improving the readability of each page. As for the matrix structure, following a wiki-style approach is really the best solution. This makes the most sense for sites with a lot of content or links that can connect together. On the flip side, this logical structure will make it easier for both users and search engine crawlers to navigate your pages.

In fact, studies suggest that 94% percent of people judge a business by its website. Most common on blogs or eCommerce websites, a sidebar is an older website element that is mainly seen on inside pages. It allows you to provide additional search capabilities to your audience, giving them a secondary route to explore your content. However, building a site with this model requires a lot of attention. So you need to think from the bottom up and tag the metadata of your content based on the principles of architecture principles.

This would also be the right time to bring an experienced UX/UI designer into the mix if you’re still not sure which structure makes sense. They can provide valuable insights to your internal developers even if they aren’t a part of the entire project. What goes into the development and design of a website structure? Below is a step-by-step guide to planning your website’s structure.

The goal of any navigation should be to make that path as simple and straightforward as possible. Navigation isn’t the design of your website; it’s how your content is structured, website structure on top of which sits the design and the aesthetics. The design of your WordPress website intrigues visitors, but your content is why they will stay and return.

Your URL structure ought to coherently follow your categories. At that point, from every one of your site’s primary pages, ensure they can navigate to all the sub-category pages. Users will easily be able to navigate through your website and discover what they need hassle-free. Once you have created a site hierarchy, you will not face any confusion when you try to add more pages at a later stage. On such websites, finding what you need by browsing through the different pages is quite improbable. This way, a fan could easily figure out the pile they wanted to see and look at the most beautiful ones without having to go through the one big pile.

Heading 2

It is basically the plan and web design of the visual and technical feasibility of a website. It’s used as a term by website designers as in the meaning of designing and developing a website. Website architecture is an essential step of website creation that affects the user experience drastically.

For most websites, it’s simply a repeat of the items in the header navigation at the top. But some use it to display less popular content like terms and conditions, shipping policy, and GPDR privacy information. Now that you’ve put all your efforts into creating a website using the essential web design elements, we need to talk Search Engine Optimization.

However, if your website is hard to navigate, they will never return, no matter how beautiful your website is designed. For example, if you post a lot of content around crafting but your visitors cannot filter through specific DIY projects, they will not return and you will lose traffic. You already know that the design of your WordPress website is very important. Countless articles tell you that your website must be visually engaging, encouraging visitors to come back regularly. However, to truly increase your audience retention, your website must have a good site structure.

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The advancement of a site’s structure can be a time-consuming errand and it’s one that is best done in a group. However, it’s significant that all of your website’s URLs follow a similar structure. Similarly, unless you tell Google which of your posts you deem most important and which one you would like to be shown to the most users, Google would not know!

First, if you have pages on your site that are some clicks away from your home page, search engines will have difficulty finding the pages. Second, site architecture sends link authority around the website. When you link high traffic pages, the page rank of your website’s pages will increase. The third and most important aspect is if your website architecture is well-done, users will be more comfortable while visiting your website, which helps your SEO. The structure of your website shows Google which pages of your site are most important. This means you can influence with your site’s structure which content will rank highest in the search engines.

After three years of writing, she’ll have more than a thousand. Alice will not be able to find her favorite story, because of the abundance of stories on her desk. And how do you find out whether your website navigation is meeting users’ expectations? You could use A/B testing and average time on site as indicators. For instance, if users are leaving your website too quickly, it’s possible that they didn’t find what they’re looking for. There could be other factors, such as your offers aren’t lucrative or your website load speed is slow.

Yoast SEO premiumcan really help you to set up and improve the structure of your site. The redirects functionality will allow you toeasily redirect pagesyou delete (so you’ll pass on the linking juice to another page). And ourrelated links functionalitywill make sure you are interlinking articles with similar topics.

As soon as you understand how these big picture layouts are used, CSS becomes much easier to handle. Before publishing a page, see what the website layout looks like on different screens. Make sure that text and images go well together, even when their order is different.

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