We all want to get the best deal when we want to buy something and shopping for a Locksmith is no different.

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t focus on price only when you shop around for Locksmith Service.

Here are few reasons why choosing the wrong Locksmith company could cost you big:

Reason Number one is: It can actually get worse, they say what comes cheap

comes dear for a good reason, this is especially true for Locksmith Service, at I-Tech Locksmith and Security we have seen plenty of cases when customers tried to save money by going with the wrong Locksmith company that eventually not only wasn’t really cheap but the work quality sure was and it cost dearly, that Locksmith didn’t complete the Job properly and now the customers are looking for another Locksmith to fix that next problem. Sometimes parts get damaged such as bent car door during the process of unlocking a car, Locks that are drilled when they don’t have to be drilled, scratching the car door and car door frame when trying to unlock the car. This will significantly reduce the car’s resell value or result in expensive repair, replacing parts that don’t always have to be replaced such as door Locks and Ignition Locks, Ignition Switch, Immobilizer Module, Engine control Module, Engine Control Module Programming and plenty of other types of Repairs that a lot of times can be avoided if hiring a really professional Locksmith Service to do the work.Another risk that people are taking is trying to do it yourself, unlike other types of repairs you can do around your house or your car with conventional common tools, the Locksmith trade is one of those trades that require specialty tools that most people don’t have, so when they try to tackle a job themselves they realize that it’s not what they thought it would be and most of the time they realize it a little too late when there is a damage that they now need a professional Locksmith to fix as well, you can easily see how the Locksmith bill in such situation can be higher.

My friend can do it:

Listening to to a friend who says he can do it without him being professional in the Locksmith trade could also be an advice you wish you never took.

Sometimes friends have good intentions and they want to help but you shouldn’t take advice from someone who is not a professional in the Locksmith field and that applies to any field.

People might have good intentions but as they say the road to hell could be paved with good intentions and you are the one who will end up paying the price if they are wrong.


People Like to listen to Mechanics because let’s face it mechanics are your car’s doctor right? they know everything about the car right? WRONG.

Mechanics can help you change your oils, your brakes, your air and oil filter and tune your engine, but unfortunately 95% of mechanics have very poor and limited understanding if any at all about vehicles electronic systems and how they work and this is something we can tell you from experience.

So when you shop for a Locksmith Service don’t search for the cheapest Locksmith in town, search for the best, eventually it could save you from a lot of hassle and extra repairs that you don’t really need.

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