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What’s the best way to extract a broken key from a car door, ignition, or trunk?

The only way to have broken key extraction performed quickly and affordably, and without harming your vehicle or yourself in the process, is to call a professional locksmith.

Licensed locksmiths have the tools and automotive locksmith knowledge to remove broken car keys when they’re bent, broken, or stuck. Keys don’t usually give you too much warning before they’re going to give way and snap. Once that happens you’ll want to avoid pushing the key further into the lock.
Beware of online videos and cheap gadgets for extracting car door keys are car ignition keys yourself! Chances are you’ll end up severely damaging the car, which will cost much more than hiring a qualified locksmith technician to do the job right the first time.

What’s more, when you call a certified locksmith for broken key extraction services, you will have a brand-new key, or keys, made on the spot.


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Our locksmith technicians are fully licensed, highly skilled, receive continual training, polite and professional, with extensive experience. with I-Tech locksmith you can protect yourself from hidden fees and surcharges. we are open 24 Hour a day and ready to help in case of emergency


Amazing service! My key broke off in the lock and I needed a replacement immediately. The technician came to me in less than 10minutes and resolved the situation almost immediately. Very professional, great attitude, The price was very fair and I will definitely use them again!
Meghan Gilmore

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