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If your key isn’t turning or your car won’t start, call a locksmith to see if we can resolve the issue before turning to a car dealership

The ignition lock cylinder is located inside the assembly or lock body that is often welded onto the steering column. Most of the time, when a problem occurs within the ignition system, it will be caused by a fault within the ignition lock cylinder.

Inside the lock cylinder is a series of tumblers where the key is inserted. There is an electrical attachment and a series of wires that run from the cylinder base to a series of relay switches that supplies power to multiple components. Some of the common symptoms of a damaged or broken ignition lock cylinder include the vehicle not starting or power not supplied to the vehicle when the ignition is turned.

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Why Do Ignition Cylinder Locks Break?

Ignition switches are mostly made of metal. Metal can wear down over time. Heavy use or something as simple as a heavy key chain can shift or strip the tumblers, creating damage that only a qualified auto locksmith can repair quickly and affordably. You don’t want to get locked out of your car on top of having a broken ignition switch or broken car key.

All our technicians at I-Tech Locksmith and Security of Arlington are certified automotive locksmiths who possess the expertise to perform ignition replacement services without robbing you blind.

If you find yourself saying the phrase “I lost my car keys” you can find yourself in very stressful situation. First thing to do is to stay calm, if the keys are really lost, I-Tech Locksmith and Security is always ready to help and make for you a new car key. All you need is to contact I-Tech Locksmith and Security and schedule an appointment. Our professional mobile locksmith specialists will arrive to your location and make a new key for your vehicle.

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Why choose I-Tech Locksmith and Security for ignition repair & replacement?

  • All our locksmiths are licensed by the State of Texas
  • Our professional automotive locksmith provide prompt service
  • We are insured and bonded locksmith company
  • We offer a broad variety of services to meet all your car need

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Car key replacement Testimonial

My ignition switch went belly-up today. I Called I-Tech and they sent a technician out in very little time. He handled the situation and fixed my cylinder. professional service and quick as well. Highly recommend!
Evelyn F.

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